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 Institutional Values and Best Practices
Sr.No. Metric Description Link
1 7.1.3 Percentage of annual power requirement of the institution met by the renewable energy sources 7.1.3.pdf
2 7.1.5 Waste management 7.1.5.pdf
3 7.1.6 Rain water harvesting 7.1.6.pdf
4 7.1.7 Green practices 7.1.7.pdf
5 7.1.9 Resources available in the institution 7.1.9.html
6 7.1.12 Code of Conduct for Students, Teachers, Governing Body and Administration
7 7.1.15

The institution offers a course on human values and professional ethics

8 7.1.16 The institution functioning is as per professional code of prescribes for different profession mandatory.html
9 7.1.17 Number of activities conducted for promotion of universal values 7.1.17.pdf
10 7.2.1

Institutional best practices

11 7.3.1 Performance of the institution in one area distinctive to its vision, priority and thrust 7.3.1.html