Training Report

Dr Moonje Institute Of Management & Computer Studi    11-Jun-2024
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Placement Activities and Training
Our institution is committed to enhancing the employability of our students through a series of comprehensive pre-placement activities and training programs. To achieve this, we have established partnerships with various companies to provide industry-specific training that enhances practical knowledge. Additionally, we have signed MoUs for training activities with expert company trainers to ensure our students receive the best possible preparation for their future careers.
Below is an overview of the key initiatives undertaken to prepare our students for successful careers
Pre-Placement Training and Workshops
Soft Skills Training by Placement dept.
  1. Self-introduction, self-awareness, daily affirmations (Cultivating Positive Self-Talk for Growth and Success), meditation and Omkar for self-confidence, Communication Skills
  2. Behavioral Skills
  3. Personality Development
  4. Non-Verbal Communication Skills
  5. Interview Skills and Etiquettes
    Winjit-Winable Training Program- Focus: Industry-focused companion learning program to elevate employability
      • Java, .NET, MEAN, Android, iOS, Testing (MCA)
      • Winjit-Fintech Program (MBA)
  6. TCS Training Course
  7. Job Readiness – Batch Preparation Session
  8. MoU Activities
By Career Craft & Skill Academy
  1. Interview Skills
  2. Navigating Careers in Finance
  3. Mastering Financial Functions in MS Excel
  4. Aptitude and Psychometric Test
  5. Personality Development
Online Webinars
  1. IIT Mumbai- How to get placements in multinational companies, Roadmap for a high-paying career
  2. Getwork-How to prepare for placement opportunities, securing CTC greater than 10-15 LPA, leveraging hackathons and competitions for high CTC opportunities, latest skill expectations from companies, rounds and processes during campus placements
These activities and training sessions are designed to provide our students with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in their professional careers. We are dedicated to ensuring our students are well-prepared to meet the demands of the industry and achieve their career aspirations.