AQAR 2021

Dr Moonje Institute Of Management & Computer Studi    30-Mar-2022
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Criteria Sub point Number Point Name/Description Pdf file Name 
 1.3.3 No. of Students undertaking project work
1.3.3 MBA MCA SIP PROJECT 2020-21
 1.4.1 Stakeholder feedback report
Stakeholder feedback report
 2.2.1 The institution assesses the learning levels of the students and organizes  
Time table of all Classes with Remedial Class
 2.5.1 Mechanism of internal assessment is transparent and robust in terms of frequency and mode  
Internal Assessment guidelines
 2.5.2 Mechanism to deal with internal examination related grievances is transparent, time- bound and efficient
CE Timetables
  2.6.1 Programme and course outcomes for all Programmes offered by the institution are stated and displayed on website and communicated to teachers and students
 2.6.2 Attainment of Programme outcomes and course outcomes are evaluated by the institution
 2.6.3  Annual Report
Annual Report
 2.7.1 Student Satisfaction Survey (SSS) on overall institutional performance  
Student Satisfaction Survey (SSS)
3.2.2 Number of workshops/seminars conducted on Research Methodology, Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and entrepreneurship  3.2.2
3.3.2 Number of research papers per teachers in the Journals notified on UGC website  3.3.2
3.5.1 Number of Collaborative activities for research, Faculty exchange, Student exchange/ internship  3.5.1
4.1.1 The Institution has adequate infrastructure and physical facilities for teaching- learning. viz., classrooms, laboratories, computing equipment etc.  4.1.1.pdf
4.1.2 The Institution has adequate facilities for cultural activities, sports, games (indoor, outdoor), gymnasium, yoga center etc.  4.1.2.pdf
4.1.3 Number of classrooms and seminar halls with ICT- enabled facilities such as smart class, LMS, etc.  4.1.3.pdf
4.2.2 The institution has subscription for the following e-resources e-journals e-ShodhSindhu Shodhganga Membership e-books Databases Remote access toeresources  4.2.2.pdf
4.3.1 Institution frequently updates its IT facilities including Wi-Fi  4.3.1.pdf
4.4.2 There are established systems and procedures for maintaining and utilizing physical, academic and support facilities - laboratory, library, sports complex, computers, classrooms etc.  4.4.2.pdf
5.1.1 Number of students benefited by scholarships and free ships provided by the Government during the year  5.1.1
5.1.2 Number of students benefitted by scholarships, free ships etc. provided by the institution / non- government bodies, industries, individuals, philanthropists during the year  5.1.2
5.1.3 Capacity building and skills enhancement initiatives taken by the institution  5.1.3
5.1.4 Number of students benefitted by guidance for competitive examinations and career counseling offered by the Institution during the year  5.1.4
5.3.2 Institution facilitates students’ representation and engagement in various administrative, co-curricular and extracurricular activities (student council/ students representation on various bodies as per established processes and norms )  5.3.2
 5.4.1 There is a registered Alumni Association that contributes significantly to the development of the institution through financial and/or other support services.
 6.1.2 6.1.2 - The effective leadership is visible in various institutional practices such as
decentralization and participative management.

 6.2.1 The institutional Strategic/ perspective plan is effectively deployed
Strategic Plan
 6.3.1 The institution has effective welfare measures for teaching and non- teaching staff  
Faculty Welfare
 6.3.5 Institutions Performance Appraisal System for teaching and non- teaching staff
 6.4.1 Institution conducts internal and external financial audits regularly. Enumerate the various internal and external financial audits carried out during the year with the mechanism for settling audit objections within a maximum of 200 words

 6.4.3 Institutional strategies for mobilization of funds and the optimal utilization of
Mobilization of funds
 6.5.1 Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) has contributed significantly for institutionalizing the Quality assurance strategies and processes.
Quality assurance strategies and processes.
 6.5.3 Quality assurance initiatives of the
institution include:
Regular meeting of
Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC);
Feedback collected, analyzed and used for
Collaborative quality
initiatives with other institution(s)
Participation in NIRF
any other quality
audit recognized by state, national or
international agencies (ISO Certification,
 7.1.1 Measures initiated by the Institution for the promotion of gender equity during the year

Action Plan
 7.1.9 Sensitization of students and employees of the Institution to the constitutional obligations: values, rights, duties and responsibilities of citizens

7.1.1 Specific facilities provided for women
 7.2.1 Describe two best practices successfully implemented by the Institution as per NAAC format provided in the Manual. 7.2.1 Best Practices
7.3.1 Portray the performance of the Institution in one area distinctive to its priority and thrust within 200 words 7.3.1